Thursday, April 19, 2007

New photos!

Since it's been a while, it crossed my mind today that I really need to upload some new photos. These were all taken yesterday. The girls are growing so fast, it almost takes my breath sometimes!

The Three Amigos

Don't you just want to pinch her little cheeks?? You just KNOW I'm going to scrapbook this photo!!

Blahhhhhh! Monkey wore this outfit last winter, and now Val's getting to wear it. It always makes me laugh and want to say "blah, blah, blah". :)

A very UNhappy Val. She so did NOT want to have her picture taken. Silly girl...

Sweet Sisters.

We're letting Hannah's bangs grow out, but in the meanwhile, they're a royal pain in the neck. So a few weeks ago, I couldn't find the clips I normally use while she's here, and just grabbed a ponytail holder and put her bangs up. No problem, right? Well, THIS is how she came to me yesterday morning. She just thinks it's the bees knees to have her very own ponytail right up front and center. She's so funny!

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  1. Awe, so adorable. They are growing up so fast. But that is life.............normal.