Friday, November 24, 2006

Plumbing woes

I'm so degraditated at the moment, I just want to howl. But I won't. I'll be a big girl and deal with it.

We started having issues with the drains backing up about 3 weeks ago, so I called the plumber and they came out to clean out the drain between the house and the road. Two weeks later, they had to come back out. They were here on the 14th of November, and I had to call them again on Monday. Well, they haven't bothered to come yet.

Yesterday, I ran the dishwasher and the drains in the bathroom backed up. Peter was rinsing dishes a bit later, and they backed up again. Then I flushed the toilet - BIG mistake. So I called the plumber. They have a 30 day guarantee on their work, so I figure they need to make good on it, right? They have YET to call me back.

Now, we can't flush the toilet, take a shower, wash dishes, do laundry - nothing that involves any amount of water. It's disgusting. And the plumber - I've called them numerous times this morning and keep getting a generic answering machine, which makes me wonder if they're going out of business? I'm really disgusted and disheartened at this point, and just want my drains cleaned out.

I've stopped drinking anything at home so that I don't have to use the bathroom, and we're going to have to go to someone else's house to shower. This irks my tater. Ugh. I've even programmed the plumber's number into my cell phone. On my SIM card!!! That's just sad. I think I'll go try to call them. One. More. Time. :(


  1. They might be taking a long Thanksgiving holiday. I know you'd hate to have to wait until Monday, but if that's what they are doing.....

  2. My house is available for you! Bring your own towels though. :)

  3. OH MY WORD! I love your scrap book pages!!! They are amazing! Wow. Anyway I hope your plumbing woes are over. By now anyway! :) ~