Sunday, November 12, 2006

What a weekend!

So it's been a few days since I updated you all with the goings on in my humdrum excuse for a life. Actually, it's not that bad, really not bad at all. I'm just really, really tired and need to go to bed, so it comes out that way.

It's been a weekend. A rather long weekend, but most of the weekend was fun. I got to bed somewhere around 12:30am on Friday night, then was woken around 3:30am by lightening hitting something relatively near our house, because I felt the boom, then the thunder immediately rumbled, not even a split second between sounds. Not to mention that all the hair on my body was stickin' straight out. Not a pretty sight! Guess I should have shaved my legs before going to bed. Anywho, finally got to sleep, then woke up at 4:30 for a potty break. That's when you KNOW you had too much coffee before bedtime when you gotta take a potty break while sleeping. Note to self: only water, and stop drinking 3 hours before bedtime!!

I finally got up for good somewhere around 5:20am and left to go pick up Lori, and decided to stop at Starbucks on the way. Well, apparently their baristas hadn't fully woken up, because I sat there for 20 minutes in the drivethru before I got my much needed coffee. Oh, and there was only one vehicle in front of me!! And they only got one coffee!! Grrr. I thought a gingerbread latte sounded good, so I got a venti. Not a wise choice for me. After I got it, I held it up to my nose, and I don't know if the girl goofed while making it, or if she may have dipped her big toe in it, but it smelled like dirty feet. It tasted a bit better than it smelled, but looking back, I should have gotten my usual white choco mocha with a shot of caramel. I would have enjoyed the way it scented my van much more! Oh, and the cranberry bliss bar.... divine, I tell ya!! Mmmmmmm.

Got to Lori's finally and got her luggage all loaded up, then went to pick Mom up. We were well on the road to Birmingham by 6:30am. Then we got into rain. Now folks, the only thing I hate more than driving is driving in the rain. Hate, hate, HATE driving in rain. But I pressed on like a good soldier should. I drove all the way to Birmingham without giving in and allowing Lori to drive, since she wasn't feeling well.

We went to a really nice museum on the Cahaba River to scrapbook and we left there around 3:30. I drove back, because Lori wasn't feeling any better. Now, the only thing I hate more than driving in the rain is driving in Birmingham, especially during the afternoon traffic. Then there's the looooong, very high bridge from 280 onto 20/59. Did I mention I hate heights?? If I'd realized that I'd be driving over that bridge looking down onto fifty-leven lanes of traffic below me, I'd have let Lori drive, even though she didn't feel good. My hands are still aching from gripping the wheel so tightly!

Then we stopped for gas and after my card was approved, I tried to get the gas cap off. No go. I tried and tried, then Lori got out and tried to help me, still no go. That sucker was on there and had no plans to go anywhere! Then this really nice fella who was at the pump behind us came to help. Now this guy was bigger than Peter, so he was huge! Even he couldn't get it off. So he went back to his car and got a tool. He worked and worked, and finally pried the top off - it seems that it was put on crooked. Amazingly, the cap wasn't harmed, but we thought he was going to have to destroy it to get it off. Then I had to go back in and talk to the guy because I couldn't get any gas. Turns out the pump cancels the sale if the nozzle isn't lifted in so many seconds. But when I got home, there are two charges on my bank account, which are just placeholders of sorts. I'll be watching closely to make sure that the one charge is reversed, or it's gonna get interesting. :)

We got back into town in plenty of time to surprise my honey when I got home. He was a busy bee while I was gone. He put up a new light fixture above the kitchen sink so I can see while I'm washing dishes (as if!! That's what dishwashers are for, right?), and put some neat little lights in my canning pantry so's I can see what I'm looking for when I'm looking for it! He also put some wunnerful bright new flourescent bulbs in my scraproom so I can scrapbook after dark. I lovest that man!!

Today, I scrapbooked, and we watched "The Slave Narratives", which cause me to cry until my eyes and nose were all red, Peter wanted to turn it off but I wouldn't let him, even though it tore my heart up to hear and see what those poor people were put through. Then we took a nap, and I scrapbooked some more.

I got 2 double page layouts and two single page layouts completed since Thursday. I also did 12 cards. That's more than I've done in the past few months combined! I took part in an online 3-day crop, and had a blast. My goal is to do at least one layout each day if I can. I've got to get caught up somewhat. I want to preserve my memories and those special moments for the ones who love me to remember me by when I'm not here someday to share with them in person. That's why I do it, not to mention that it's relaxating for me. :)

So now it's 10:30pm, and it's past my bedtime, so I'm gonna call it a night and go try to find something to read. I have a magazine that I'm almost finished with, but I might pull out my Foxfire3 book to read. Yeah, I think that's what I'll do - nothing like reading up on how to cure and tan a hide while trying to go to sleep...

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