Saturday, November 04, 2006


I've been thinking the past few days that I really need to share my list of things that make me so very thankful. I've done this in the past, but it's always good to update, right?

The past few weeks have been busy ones, and lots of changes have been happening, most of them good ones. I love life and feel especially happy with my life at the moment.

I'm thankful for:
My loving husband who has rearranged his schedule to be home with me more when he realized how much I have missed him.

The progress on the kitchen - it's neat watching it transform. It's exciting to have proper places to organize my food finally!

The hard work my sweet husband has put into making the change possible.

My sweet Mom who has sacrificed her evenings for the past few weeks to come up and can apples with us.

Having plenty of food in my house (I have way more than I realized!) and knowing that I can prepare nutritious, healthy, wholesome meals for my husband and the babies.

Having my canning pantry stocked up again.

Having a husband who enjoys doing the laundry and ironing, and who has taken on the job willingly (partly because I'm bad about getting sidetracked and forgetting to switch it out).

Sweet babies who are learning and growing day by day. It's so much fun to watch them learn new things and see their little personalities growing and unfurling like a blossom coming to life.

My beautiful home. Although it may seem like we're never going to find a home for everything, and the chaos sometimes frustrates me, I know that when we're all finished with our renovations, our home will once again become the comfortable spot that people enjoy visiting again.

My online friends who never hesitate to share an encouraging and kind word with me. Thank you!

My best friends who love me unconditionally and always bring a smile to my face, no matter how down I am at the moment. Without you, my world just wouldn't be complete. I love you.

Meg and Tavy - not only do they trust me to be their girls' "Daytime Mommy", but they trust me to teach their children morals, manners, kindness and everything else a child needs to know. Thank you for believing in me and giving me encouragement when I just want to throw my hands up. Together, we're raising some wonderful young girls who will someday be wonderful young women. :) I love both of you more than you know.

And finally, I'm thankful for YOU! Yes, you. Thanks for checking out my blog and leaving such nice comments. Thanks for putting up with my fifty-leven-million pictures and my repeated posts about mundane things happening in my world. You totally rock!! :)

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  1. Ok, Now I can see why everyone thought I was being snippy about your blog the other day! I couldn't see all the pretty paisleys and such at the top from my work computer - No wonder you thought I was being ugly!! Its very pretty - I likey - I likey a lot! Sorry about that.