Monday, November 06, 2006

Done, done, DONE!

All the apples are worked up, canned, and the kitchen is clean!!! We're through canning for the year. Yay!!! :)

Over the past three weeks, we put up three bushels of apples for Peter and myself, and we got 46 pints of applesauce, 25 quarts of applesauce, 21 pints of apple butter, 5 pints of apple jelly, and 14 pints of apple pie filling. My pantry is full, which is so gratifying.

Altogether, we did 2 bushels of apples for Mom, she made applebutter, applesauce & apple jelly. We did 1 1/2 bushels today alone.

We're so stinkin' tired, but it's a good tired, after a very productive day. We should sleep well tonight!! :)


  1. That is a LOT of apples there sis! Glad its over for you! Now I need to get mine done as well.

  2. YAY! All the apples are done! I just LOVE home made apple butter slathered on a hot buttered biscuit with a hunk of bacon in the winter time! YUMM! The Hoosier Cabinet looks Fantastic! Peter is doing a Great job on it! Also, love love love the new look of your blog! I soo want to change mine and can't seem to find anything that works! Ack! Have a great week my friend!