Friday, December 01, 2006

Long time, no see

Wow, didn't realize that it's been so long since I updated. Sorry for the lapse. :(

Not a lot has been happening here. It's been a weird couple of weeks. Neither of us has felt like actually doing anything, so here we are. We finally caught a wild hair and did a few things around here today, which felt really good. Tis the season for the blues... LOL

We got our plumbing fixed - called another company and had to pay them to get it fixed, and it seems to be done right this time. We never heard back from the other company. I will be asking for a refund, since they were out here twice and didn't fix the problem. And it's not like I had the funds to just basically pour down the drain, anyway. But at least we can wash clothes and take a shower without ukky stuff bubbling back up into the bathtub. Yay!!

Peter and I went to a "Card Buffet" this evening. We had fun stamping and assembling Christmas cards. I had already made 40 cards last week, so I'm prepared for next year already. Yay me!! We had a blast, and just for the record, Shell TOTALLY rocks!! :)

Tomorrow is our annual Cookie Day. We all get together at my sister's house and spend the entire day baking cookies. Last year we made around 250 dozen cookies. Everyone brings home an assortment of all the cookies made, which is always fun. We have so much fun but are always so ready for bed when we get finished. It's something that the whole family (well, those who usually attend) looks forward to each year.

Hannah's here for the weekend, she got to go to Card Night and will be going to Cookie Day with us. She's talked about these two activities non-stop for the last week. Love that baby and she's just so much a part of our lives, I can't imagine life without her in it. :) We're so blessed to have her (and the babies) to lavish our love on.

So that's what's going on in our world. What's going on in yours?


  1. Glad you got your plumbing problems all taken care of!
    Enjoyed Cookie day & my guys here at work are sending compliments to the cooks!
    Hope you moods will soon get better.
    Love you - hugs.

  2. So glad the plumbing problems were fixed! And the Card Buffet sounded like a great time!