Monday, December 11, 2006

Awesome Secret Santa!

I participated in a Secret Santa on a site that I've been hanging out on for years. I received a GC to CMK and added just a few dollars to it. I got my order today, and this is a pic of all the yummies I got. Now I need to scrapbook so I can use some of it! :) Thanks, Bons!! You are the best. Muahhhhh!


  1. sweetness!
    Cannot wait for everything to settle down & be in its place so we can play!

    and I like the picture of Peter & the girls - so sweet.

  2. Wow, you got some awesome goodies with your g.c. Glad you had a good secret Santa!

  3. On a little different note - got your Christmas card today. You did a great job! The children were also impressed with the clear envelope. Have a great day!