Tuesday, December 12, 2006

It's almost Christmas time!

And I'm SO getting into the Christmas mood. Finally! I've got the Christmas music going 24/7, mailed the bulk of our Christmas cards out yesterday (all handmade!), and we did the last of our shopping today.

We're listening to commercial free Christmas music while wrapping gifts, and I even got the bug to make some super easy gift tags to put on our gifts. I have my list of which gifts go where and I'm checking off as I wrap. Can't wait to see if the gifts I got everyone are as perfect as I'm hoping they are.

It's going to be a bit of a lean Christmas here, but that's all good - it's the joy in the giving, not the amount you spend, that is the real reward, right? I've been buying through the year, and spent yesterday scouring the Sunday advertisements and we went around town in a circle today and in less than 4 hours, we got everyone covered. That feels so good!

Last year was sorta a bust, I'd just had 2 surgeries and spent almost a week in the hospital and got out of the hospital on the 18th of December and felt like twin Peterbilt's had run over me!! I had to rely on others to buy the bulk of my gifts for me and I just didn't ever get into the mood for the celebrations. This year, I'm SO into it - I'm excited, and looking forward to being with family and loved ones. Just the anticipation of seeing the girls' faces when they open their gifts is thrilling, as well.

I'm also looking forward to tasting the once-a-year treat that is one of my favorite customs - date/nut pudding. It's super duper easy to make, but for some reason, it's reserved for Thanksgiving and Christmas. It's been a favorite of almost everyone in the family for years, and without it, it just doesn't seem like Christmas. I'm planning to make a bowl of it to take to our Christmas Day gathering at my niece's. Can't wait!!

Soooo, are you almost finished with your shopping?? Are you in the Christmas spirit yet? What's your favorite Christmas tradition? Please leave a comment and tell me about it!

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  1. wow! You have been busy!
    Since I am from the same family - that covers mine too! Bit Broccoli Casserol is on the list too.
    I'm looking forward to it this year & am almost done. Have just a few last minute things to get. Don't like the rush part of it though.