Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Cookie Day 2006

Our family has a really neat tradition. Each year, we all gather at my sister Kathryn's house on a Saturday between Thanksgiving and Christmas. We bring our prepared cookie dough, along with any candy we want to make or pretzels, etc for dipping. We try to get there as early as we can, but no earlier than 8am, or Kathryn would be upset.

We bake all day long. We all help each other, rolling cookies, dipping pretzels, or whatever needs to be done. Usually one person mans the oven, while another takes the cookies off the baking sheets to cool. It's just a huge team effort, and the payoff is great.

Not only do we have a great time together, but we all end up with an assortment of all the cookies that were baked, along with what's left of our own cookies after they're divided. Only the people who participate are lucky enough to get cookies. It's a really fun tradition, and it's almost more anticipated than Christmas each year.

Peter was put to work mixing the Monster Cookie dough - looks like he was just the man for the job, they turned out delicious!!

Cookies waiting to go into the oven...

Jonathan freehanded holly leaves & berries on these choco-dipped Oreos. He did a really great job, especially since it was his first time ever using a pastry bag!

Just a portion of the cookies & candies waiting to be divided. There was at least this many more that I didn't get a photo of.

The dipping station. This really cool crock-pot has two sides so they could melt both white & milk chocolate at the same time.

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  1. YUMMY!

    Love the bad hair day & Maize Mo just chillin! So cute.