Monday, March 26, 2007

A slithery situtation

One of the selling points for our house was the large back yard. I think we've got one of the larger back yards on our street. It's nice and shady, with a lovely patio and a swingset for us, as well as a swingset for the girls. Everything we wanted, right? Right, except for one issue.....

I haven't been in my back yard since early spring 2006. Why??? Because of snakes. Ugh. Peter killed several last year, and even the telephone dude caught one going through the ventilation grate under the back of the house. He killed it and took care of it. Let's just say I didn't get near the trash can for weeks afterward. I have this little issue with the slithery creatures - they absolutely terrify me. I did force myself to pet my nephew's snake a few years ago and it really wasn't that bad at the time, but my phobia has grown since then.

Peter cleared out all the excess bushes and weeds in the iris bed, then trimmed all the bushes around the house and mowed the yard over the weekend. He came inside and informed me that he had killed two snakes in the backyard, and he'd killed one earlier last week!! Eeeeeekkkkk!!!!

Now, I'm supposed to go out and help him clear out the garage, and there's a hole in the foundation behind our dryer out there that goes directly under the house. Can you say TERRIFIED to open a box and find an unwelcome surprise?? So I think I'll just sit in the back of the van with my feet pulled up off the ground and just supervise while he does the box opening. Yep, I'm a wimp, but then again, who among us truly likes creepy crawlies? (with the exception of Brooke and her oh so lovely Vanessa?)

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