Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Fun, family & food

Last night, we went out for my nephew-in-law, Jon's, birthday. Here's a few fun shots of all the festivities.

Jon demonstrating his famous "deer in the headlights" look.

Princess Emma playing with wrapping paper, happy as can be! So nice to see Mommy so happy, too. :)

Sweet things come in small packages. All wrapped up with a big ol' bow...

Since we were in the back of the restaurant, they had Jon and this little girl stand on chairs so everyone in the rest of the place could help us yell "Yeee Hawww". Love the look on his face. :)

And finally, I learned that contrary to everything I've ever been taught or told, THIS is actually the correct way to wear flippies. Thanks for the lesson, Teacher!!


  1. I sure am glad things went well last night - had a good time, good food, and nice bill! LOL
    Little Emma is beautiful & I'm not being biased either!

  2. I sure can't see how it would be comfy though. eeeeeeahno.

    In other news...who's that weirdo in the back with the AwBARN shirt on? hehehehe