Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Going Green(er)

So today's Earth Day, but we've been making a conscious effort to go green little by little over the past few months. We've been putting our newspapers and bottles out for recycling, and I'm starting to shop the farmer's market again. We've switched all but 3 of our light bulbs for compact fluorescent ones and we've limited out fast food meals. My laptop's set to hibernate instead of using a screen saver and I don't turn the heat or air on unless it's too miserable not to.

All this feels great, but I can't help wondering what else I can do? I'd like to start taking my own bags to the market, as well as buy only organic. I want to purge our home of toxic chemicals as much as I can and start making our own cleaning solutions. I found a great recipe for no-knead bread that begins with a starter, which sounds super easy and fabulous. Not that we need it, but I would like to make my own bread, but we really need a new oven.

Soooo, anyone out there have ideas that we can implement in our lives without a lot of effort? If you do, please let me know.


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