Saturday, September 29, 2007

Lovely weather!

After a summer that has lasted a little longer than usual, it's so lovely to have a change in the weather. Having our windows open is a special treat, since we get all that lovely fresh air. Having grown up in the country, open windows is something that I really miss during the summer and winter. Of course, I've been known to have the window nearest my bed open a few inches, even when it's close to freezing. It's a little weird, but somehow I sleep better when I'm cold.

This afternoon was a lovely day to have a shower. Not a physical shower, but the one where you get together with lovely ladies and shower a special person with gifts to celebrate a momentous occasion in their life. The weather was perfect, the location was beautiful, the company was great and the gifts were simply lovely. It was a great shower, and I hope the special lady had a great time and likes all her new goodies.

Tonight, we had a special treat. Flora got a hankering for B'gards, so we went out for a late dinner. My sweetie met us after he got off work, and we just spent time together as a family. We relaxed, visited and just chilled. It was so nice - with the wedding coming up, it seems like everyone is just so frenzied and frazzled. We haven't had just "chill time" in a while. We just really needed that tonight. Guess you can say it was the break that refreshes.

Hope your weekend is going great. :)

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