Thursday, February 12, 2009

A new milestone!!

Wow, I've been making myself eat lately because you just don't lose weight if you don't eat enough. Odd, but so very true. I had gotten into a bad habit of not eating regular meals for a few weeks and my weight loss stalled out. So my phone has a handy dandy alarm feature on it, and I set it to go off every 3 hours during the day, starting at 8am and ending at 11pm. Since then, I've been making a concerted effort to eat, focusing on protein. I've also incorporated at least one, but try for two protein drinks a day as well.

So tonight, even after eating my meals, drinking several cups of coffee and working on my protein drink, I stepped on the scales, and the number that popped up was astonishing to me. It is the lowest I've been in many, many years. It was lower than my lowest weight when I was in Weight Watchers a few years ago!! I couldn't do anything but start hollering! I am SO excited!!

I pulled out one of Florabeth's pre-WLS shirts the other day, and it fit! The arms are a little tight, but not so bad that it was uncomfortable. :) I am also wearing clothes that I haven't been able to wear in several years. I'm thinking I may have to go through my closet and purge my clothes that fit me 100 lbs ago. I've been procrastinating about that, but really need to do it so I can put other clothes in there that actually fit me.

I am so thrilled about my surgery, even when I have ukky days, it's still the best thing I've ever done!! Thanks to those of you who give me support - it helps more than you know.



  1. GO! GO! GO! We are so excited with you! Trust that the pounds will keep dropping off. When we can see the rainbow at the end, it makes the storms seem not so dark!

  2. One of the most important ways to control blood sugar is by eating small meals six times a day instead of three big ones. (Given of course, that you don't make the small meals cakes and pies and candy bars. ;) That wouldn't help.)

    When I lost the weight I did before, I learned the secret that cutting back too much worked against you.

    Keep up the good work. I'm happy for you. I know it has not been easy. I've never known anyone who chose that weight loss option who said it was easy.

  3. Lol! Alarms always work for me, too! (Works great for cleaning house, also, in 20 minute increments.)

  4. congrats on doing so well. i hope you are taking a really good multi vitamin also. I'm so happy for you!