Thursday, October 25, 2007

Such a Special Child...

The scenario: Hannah was smacking her forehead with both hands over and over.

Me: Hannah, what are you doing?

Hannah: Trying to get my brain out.

Me: Why? You need your brain. It tells you when to breathe, it tells your eyes when to blink and it tells your tummy how to work.

Hannah: Well, I've got boogers in my brain and I'm trying to get them out.

BOOGERS? In the BRAIN? Where on earth did she come up with this? Probably from the discussion we had earlier about her ear boogers. It only stands to reason that after she grasped the concept of nose boogers and eye boogers, her brain just has to have boogers too.

She may be a booger-brain. but at least she's good for a laugh!!


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